Awesome Team

KRAZY ELECTRONS (Popularly known as KE) is a Band that believes in Quantum Science and its connect with the Real life. A Mumbai Based Electronic music band composed of Chatty(Chaitanya Bulusu), Ajay Jayanthi and Anand Bhaskar.

Chaitanya Bulusu

Having founded the band in 2008, Chatty, along with Ajay defined the new sound of Krazy Electrons. Always trying to push the limits as an electronica artist, he has developed an appetite for collaborating with various artists from different musical backgrounds. An XLRI graduate and a self-taught producer, Chatty’s dream is to place India on the map in the world of top notch electronica music.

Ajay Jayanthi

Born in a family of Carnatic classical musicians, Ajay was exposed to the world of classical music at an early age. Having experimented with various other genres, it wasn’t until he turned 17 that he decided to get back to his roots and pick up the violin. In a weird turn of events, Ajay was introduced to Chatty, his music and shared his vision ever since.

Anand Bhaskar

After having fronted bands like Descant(New Delhi), MH04(Mumbai ) & currently the Anand Bhaskar Collective, Anand uses his roots in Carnatic music with his leanings towards Electronica & Alternative Rock to create unique sounding music wherever he goes. Anand aims to affect the listener at a basic level & his compositions strive to leave a lasting recall value in the mind of his audience.

Smithesh Joshi

Our sound engineer, Smitesh Joshi is very experienced in the field of music and has designed the sound for many projects including films like Jantar Mantar and has been designing live sound for many artists including the likes of Kunal Ganjavala for over 10 years. KE's album "This and That" has been engineered by him and he also takes care of the live sound for the band

Reshma Vatsa

Reshma is the newest member of the KE family. A graduate of MICA, Ahmedabad, she helps the band to survive in the big wide world of internet and technology. Her love for music and the desire to constantly explore new stuff introduced her to the Indian independent scenario and eventually led her to join KE. Every now and then, she makes it a point to take out time from her busy work schedule to enjoy a good read, watch movies and hang out with friends over a cup of coffee


We launch our new ALBUM on 7th November at STFU, Malad in Mumbai and on the 15th in Goa! Please subscribe for more details